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Wanna Be Wild Seductive Soy Massage Candles

with Sex Attractant


Product Features





Made in USA

No Animal Testing

Candlelight…Seduction…Massag e… A Diva’s Trio of Favorites


Made with natural soy oil and other skin conditioning oils for a skin conditioning, warm body massage

Soybean Oil combats wrinkles & uneven skin tone/antioxidant/protein moisturizing/healing properties

Coconut Oil moisturizing/skin softening

Hemp Seed Oil moisturizing/hydrating/reduces appearance of wrinkles/rich in antioxidants, vitamin e & carotene/neutralizes effects of dehydration/protects against dry skin/anti-inflammatory

Apricot Kernel Oil moisturizing/hydrating/conditioning/soft ens/nourishes/emollient

Jojoba Seed Oil skin lubricating/ moisturizing

Avocado Oil soothing/softening/rich in omega-3 oils/contains vitamins a, d & e/relieves dry, itchy skin/increases production of collagen/ultra-moisturizing

Vitamin E conditions/nourishes/improves skin surface/smoothes/moisturizes/assists in scar & acne treatment/promotes healing/protects skin from itchiness & free radical damage

Made from natural soy and adorned with hemp wicks for a body & environmentally-friendly massage candle


Provides soft, ambient light

Provocative fragrances are pleasing to the senses

As candle burns; it liquefies into warm moisturizing oil… to enrich skin and enhance any loving touch or body massage

Soy candles burn cooler and cleaner than wax

Will not burn skin as soy oil melts to only two degrees above normal body temperature

Leaves no candle wax or residue

Clean up using hot water & soap

Designed for all skin types

Infused with Pheromones to Enhance Sex Appeal


Available in 2 Scents

Pretty Plumeria

A vibrant, sweet floral aromatically

influenced with tropical fern & island breeze…

an aphrodisiac medley that is almost sinful


Pink Cupcake

A playfully soft fragrance with the sweetness

of sugar, cotton candy, vanilla musk & light fresh

berries… a simply irresistible combination for

flirty little moments


Available in 4.7 oz tins

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