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Bijoux Twenty One Diamond Massager



Waterproof -rechargable+bodysafe -3 vibration levels-7modes vibrations.

Luxury. Many think it can only be enjoyed by few. That we will never hold it in our own hands. That we can only use it to feed our fantasies and dreams. But we are wrong, because true luxury is not measured in carats, stars or square meters. True luxury is measured in pleasure.

ENJOY: rollover-diamante-izquierda, Use the side surface to stimulate the small labia and clitoris at the same time. Experiment with applying different pressure

MASSAGE: diamante-centro, Use the top flat surface to stimulate the labia, vulva and other erogenous zones of your body.

FOCUS:rollover-diamante-derecha, Use the rounded edge to stimulate your clitoris with precision or to stimulate externally the entrance of your vagina

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